[REVIEW] Nature Republic Collagen HD Cover BB Cream

Annyeong Haseyo~

So, today I will have my very first review on a Korean cosmetic product! I will review a BB (aka Blemish Balm) Cream from a popular Korean brand, Nature Republic. I bought this BB Cream at the opening of a new Nature Republic Store last July 12, 2013 at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. By the way, the Collagen HD range has 5 BB Cream variants to choose from namely: Aqua, Pearl, Primer, Essencial and the one that I’m reviewing now Cover. I’ve been using this BB cream for a month now, and I think that’s enough to share my thoughts on this wonderful product. Let’s start ^-^



[UV Protection] Formulated with 502 mg Triple Collagen Complex. This coverage BB cream makes your skin look flawless. 3 cover pigments that has separate covering effects that perfectly covers blemishes and freckles. With Collagen, Acai Berry Extract, and Hawaiin Deep Sea Water to make skin smooth elastic and bright.


You can buy this BB Cream at any Nature Republic store for only Php 375– that’s relatively cheaper compared to other brands. I can assure you that this is really worth your money!


The product comes in  a minimalist and environmental-friendly box. It says that it is made with eco-friendly paper and printed with soy ink. Nature Republic truly embodies beauty with the purpose of caring Mother Earth <3. Also, the box is really informative because you can find helpful infos about the product like ingredients, expiration date, and manufacturing place.


Inside, you will find a brown squeezed-type bottle filled with 50 grams/ 1.76 oz of the cream which I think will last for a few months depending on how much and how often you use it. To sum it up, I really like how the product was presented. But be careful with the bottle because you might squeezed an excess amount of BB if you not control the pressure you will apply on it 😀



The consistency of the cream is between watery and thick but it easily adheres and blends on the skin. This BB has only one shade that is in Natural Beige (only my prediction coz it’s not specified on the packaging). It’s a bit light when applied on my skin but it blends and fits with my skintone after a few minutes.




It has a matte finish that will turn dewy after some few hours. The product’s claim is right in terms of coverage- it can really cover those unwanted imperfections! It’s recommended for oily skin but I think it will also work on other skin types. It has really great oil control properties which can last 4-5 hours depending on the weather, temperature and humidity. You will truly achieved a bright and flawless complexion with this BB 😀 (two thumbs up for that one)




Can cover blemishes and make skin look flawless

-No breakouts experienced while using this

-Good oil control properties

-Relatively cheap but worthy

-Easily avaible at any Nature Republic stores

-Hygienic Packaging


-Has only one shade so it might not fit dark skin beauties

The pros outweighs the cons! So I am giving this product 5/5. I am wholeheartedly recommending this BB to those who wants coverage to blemishes and also to achieved a flawless and bright skin. This BB will truly give you a Korean-like glow 😀

Will I repurchase it?

Of course, YES! I’m really satisfied with this product and this is really a must have! I’m also looking forward to try the other variants of the Collagen HD Range.

That’s all for now. I hope this helps you!


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