Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Guess where I found this of all places… Daiso, the Japanese equivalent of a dollar store. I was lining up with my mom to pay for some home stuff when I chanced upon stacks of Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel tubs on the counter. For PHP 245 / 300ml, it didn’t take long to convince me to grab one.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Quick Specs: made in Korea; 9-free formula (no parabens, etc.); can be used on face, hair, and body




  • While I realize that a tube packaging may be more hygienic, I don’t mind this big ol’ tub. I’m very strict about washing my hands before using skin products, so it doesn’t bother me. Besides, you could make use of a designated spoon, then the problem is solved.
  • I got the product sealed, but there was also a stopper inside. I was very careful opening it the first time as I suspected that the gel would cling to the lid and create a mess. Lo and behold, there was a plastic stopper that kept everything down. Brilliant.
  • The aloe vera scent is laced with cucumber. I know this because I used to have St. Ives Cucumber and Elastin Stress Gel. One whiff and I was transported to my tween years.
  • It contains a high dose of organic aloe vera.
  • It’s gentle and moisturizes well without stickiness, though it didn’t perform any miracles in terms of reducing redness. It’s a very basic product to have in your beauty stash, but I mean that as a compliment. When you need to “unplug” your skincare regimen, this is one to reach for.
  • Did I forget to mention how affordable this is at PHP 245?


  • I would’ve preferred to see water as the secondary main ingredient instead of alcohol, but there’s not much to complain about. My skin isn’t drying out and it doesn’t sting or burn. Also, I wonder what type of alcohol went into this. They could have at least indicated as much.

Recommendation: As I said, it’s a nice basic moisturizer to have in your stash that can be used all over the body. Pretty neat stuff.

Tip: I like to give my aloe vera gel a boost by mixing it with a serum made from natural oils. The gel works as a non-sticky medium that gets the serum to soak into the skin slowly. I like to think it’s hitting two birds with one stone. 🙂

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